Lorikan Brim


Level 1 Crystal Orc Fighter

Str 17 (+3)
Con 14 (+2)
Dex 12 (+1)
Int 12 (+1)
Wis 14 (+2)
Cha 10 (+0)

Ananta Forme +3
Crystal Orc Field Agent +5

Combat Stats
HP 30
AC 18
PD 13
MD 12
Initiative +2
Recoveries 9 (1d10+2)
Melee Attack – +4 vs AC for 1d10+3 damage, 1 damage on a miss
Ranged Attack – +2 vs AC for 1d10+1 damage, 1 damage on a miss

25 GP
Lathe (Swallow), Sinew (Bow), presumed misc items, clothing, armor, etc.

Relationship Dice
Crystal Orc Agent – 2
Ananta Prime (Martial Arts Master) – 1

One Unique Thing
As the field agent for the Crystal Orcs, Lorikan has a unique level of authority with anyone having economic ties to his home. Perhaps more importantly, a crystal embedded in his left hand allows him to communicate with his home island.

Class Features
Threatening – Whenever an enemy attempts to disengage from you, it takes a -3 (Strength bonus) penalty to its check.

Comeback Strike – Once per battle, as a free action following a missed fighter attack during your turn, make another attack.

Counter-Attack – Once per round, when the escalation die is even and an enemy misses you with a natural odd melee attack roll, you can make a basic melee attack dealing half damage against that enemy as a free action.

Deadeye Archer – Your attacks with d8 ranged weapons now deal d10 damage per level. Your misses with basic ranged attacks deal damage equal to your level.

Counter-Attack: Improves Counter-Attack, which is reflected in the description above.

(Racial) Lethal – Once per battle, reroll a melee attack and use the roll you prefer as the result.

1st Level
Carve an Opening – Flexible melee attack, Triggers on any natural odd roll – Your crit range with melee attacks expands by a cumulative +1 until you score a melee critical hit, at which point it returns to normal.

Grim Intent – Flexible melee attack, Triggers on any natural even miss – The next time you would deal miss damage with a melee attack, add a WEAPON die to that damage. At 5th level, add two. At 8th, add 3.

Second Shot – Flexible ranged attack, Triggers on a natural 16+ – After this attack, you can make a basic ranged attack with the same weapon. You can’t use any maneuvers with the second attack.


Lorikan Brim

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