Nydda Aratur


Level 1 Half-Elf Cleric

Str 12 (+1)
Con 14 (+2)
Dex 12 (+1)
Int 12 (+1)
Wis 17 (+3)
Cha 12 (+1)

True Village Healer ­ Everything they need +5
Priestess of the Mother +4
Handicapped Blacksmith +2
Potionmaker +1

Combat Stats
HP 27
AC 17
PD 13
MD 13
Initiative +2
Recoveries 8 (1d8+2)
Melee Attack – +2 vs AC for 1d6+1 damage, 1 damage on a miss
Ranged Attack – +2 vs AC for 1d6+1 damage, 0 damage on a miss

25 GP
A mace, a light crossbow, some kind of heavy armor, probably traveling and healing supplies

Relationship Dice
Helisa, the Mother – 3

One unique thing
Only person in the world with a working, artificial, metal arm

Class Features
Heal – Close quarters spell – Can be cast twice per battle – Targets you or one adjacent ally – The target can heal using a recovery

Ritual Magic

Invocations – once per day, as a quick action, use an invocation. See below, since invocations are talents.

Healing – When cast spell that lets me or ally use recovery, add HP equal to double my level to recovery.
Invocation – Additional use of heal spell in that battle. First heal spell cast after invocation allows target to heal using free recovery

Knowledge/Lore – 4 additional background points that must be used in relation to knowledge or lore
Invocation – You must use this invocation during your first round of a battle. When you do, you get a quick glimpse of the battle’s future. Roll a d6; as a free action at any point after the escalation die equals the number you rolled, you can allow one of your allies to reroll a single attack roll with a +2 bonus thanks to your vision of this future.

Protection/Community – Once per battle can affect 2 additional allies when casting for broad effect
Invocation – This battle, critical hits against you and your nearby allies deal normal damage instead of critical damage.

Linguist – This feat allows you to speak enough arcana, dwarven, elven, gnomish, gnoll, goblin, orcish, and other standard humanoid languages to comprehend enough of what most other humanoids are saying or screaming during battle. You are not fluent in all these languages, no one will mistake you for a native speaker, and your vocabulary is adventurer­centric (heavy on words connected to danger rather than philosophy or emotions). You can also read enough to get by in all these languages.

(Racial) Surprising – Once per battle, subtract one from the natural result of one of your own d20 rolls.

Spells: 4 1st level
Bless; daily; quick action; Power: one nearby ally +2 attack until end of battle; Broad Effect: up to 3 nearby creatures including you, +1 attack bonus until end of battle

Cure Wounds; daily; quick action; You or nearby ally can heal using free recovery

Shield of Faith; daily; quick action; Power: one nearby ally +2 AC until end of battle; Broad: up to 3 nearby creatures including you, +1 AC until end of battle

Turn Undead; daily; target of 1d4 nearby undead with 55hp or fewer; attack: wis + cha + level vs MD; hit: target is dazed until end of next turn; hit by 4+: 1d10x your level holy dmg, and target dazed until end of next turn; hit by 8+: against non-mooks, holy damage equal to half of targets max hit points and target is dazed (Save ends); against mooks, the 8 result now deals 4d10x your level holy damage; hit by 12 or natural 20, non mook targets destroyed. mooks, 4d20x your level holy damage.


Nydda Aratur

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