Level 1 Human Ronin

Str 16 (+3)
Con 16 (+3)
Dex 14 (+2)
Int 10 (+0)
Wis 12 (+1)
Cha 12 (+1)

“Being the student of Ran Tau has its advantages” +5

“My training has made me fleet of foot” +3

Combat Stats
HP 33
AC 18
PD 16
MD 14
Initiative +3 (rolls twice)
Recoveries 8 (1d10+3)
Melee Attack – +4 vs AC for 1d8+3 damage, 1 damage on a miss
Ranged Attack – +3 vs AC for 1d6+2 damage, 1 damage on a miss

Heavy Armor (base Ac 15)
Katana (Heavy/Martial melee – 1d8)
Wakizashi (Light/Simple melee – 1d6)
5 kunai (light/simple ranged 1d6)
Standard traveling gear (flint/tinder box, pouch, pack, rain cloak, rations, sleeping roll, waterskin)
3 torches

Relationship Dice
“Daimyo as avatar of a deity” – 1
“Divine blood of my master” – 2

One unique thing
“I am the destined bearer of this medallion, but I don’t know what it does.”

Class Features

You can use this ryuha once per battle, plus an additional number of times per day equal to your dex modifier as long as you’re wielding your daisho. When attacking with your katana and you score a hit with a natural even number (unless it’s a 20) make a second attack against the same target with your wakizashi. The number of weapon dice you use for the wakizashi’s damage is half your level minimum 1.

Adventurer feat – Your Daisho-ryu gains a +4 attack bonus.

Improved Daisho-ryu
Improved Tetsu-ryu

Tetsu-Ryu (School of Iron)

Relentless training has made your body as hard as a well forged shield. You gain +1 AC and +2 PD. In addition, once per battle when hit by an attack force the enemy to reroll and use the lower of the two rolls.

Adventurer feat => If attack still hits, you only take half damage.

Kataki-ryu (School of the adversary)

You’ve learned to focus your mind and spirit like the blade of a finely honed sword. As a free action once per battle, identify one enemy as your adversary. That enemy is now vulnerable to your attacks.

Mizu-Ryu (school of Water)

Like a mighty river, your attacks are fluid and not easily diverted. +1 PD and MD. Once per day, reroll a missed attack roll with a +2 bonus. You must use the second result.


Daimyo Kurotsuchi – avatar of Fire god Kagutsuchi

The fire god used his own blood to enhance and mark certain humans as his avatars. Daimyo Kurotsuchi is one of those avatars. His goal is conquest for its own sake is known to have started at least 3 wars with neighboring nations. He is feared and hates amongst all the Far Western Lands.

The lands of Daimyo Kurotsuchi are mountainous with several active volcanos. Cities exist on massive plateaus and in underground complexes connected with sophisticated tunnel system. Food sources come from their more plentiful conquest areas.

Daimyo Ran Tau – avatar of the Water god Mizugami.

The water god used its living water to enhance and mark certain humans as her avatar. Daimyo Ran Tau is one of her avatars. His goal is to promote peace and serenity while being prepared for righteous war.

The lands of Daimyo Ran Tau are mainly river valleys and other lowlands. The larger cities have many canals and waterways that connect them together.

These are the two main Daimyo. Other lesser ones exist over smaller divisions of land. Currently there has been a period of 60 years of peace. It’s believed to be as the result of the previous 100 years of war stalemate. With the death of Daimyo Ran Tau that peace is in jeopardy. Daimyo Kurotsuchi will surely be hunting the Ronin thinking he is next in line to be granted the living water of Mizugami.


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